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MaximiLand: Kyle's MO

Finally, the Blue Man, our boy Kyle, reveals his motives. He hopes that human involvement will turn the tide of the war to come, but is he right to trust normal people? For that matter, could it be too late to make a difference? Find out next time, right here on this blog!

A Girl and Her Uzi: Haruka's Conquest

Haruka wasn't kidding about her reputation in that first chapter, eh? So now that they have the sword, what role will Haruka play, and how will they find the alien weapon to seal the deal? Read on to find out! 

Arven 4/1,000 Chapter 1/3:

Sorry I kind of dropped off the earth, there. After releasing Gerard as an ebook, I kind of opened a new chapter in my life, so to speak. Anyway, I'll be updating this place regularly again, so enjoy! Here's the first chapter of Arven's fourth life to kick things off again.

Gerard Is Over

This is the final chapter of Gerard! The pulse-pounding final battle you've been waiting for! Gerard and his friends have fought hard to come this far, and their hearts are in the right place, but will God look kindly upon their defiance? If so... can they overcome the powerful demon inside Lord Victor, what fate awaits them all when the saga is said and done? 

Anyway, after this, I'm going to edit it for continuity/prettiness, maybe add or cut some stuff, and throw the result onto Amazon for $2. 

WARNING: SEX SCENE (I bet you thought this book wouldn't have one, didn't you?)

Gerard: The End Is Nigh

The end of our saga is close at hand, but there's still more to unravel. Stay tuned for the heart-pumping finale!